1 Ohm 10 Watt (10W) 5% Ceramic Cement Power Resistor (3 Pieces)

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1 Ohm 10W with ±5% Tolerance

One Package of 3 Individual Resistors

Type: Wire-Wound & Power Film / Axial Lead

Maximum Working Voltage: 1000v

Maximum Overload Voltage: 1500v

Operating Temperature: -40° C to 155° C

Body Dimensions: 10mm x 10mm x 48mm

Lead Diameter:  0.75mm

Lead Length:  35mm

Excellent moisture resistance

Stable performance in diverse conditions

Insulation fully supports mounting on P.C.B.

Flameproof construction

Sealed with special cement

High temperature stability

Brand: CommLab

Excellent Performance General Purpose Ceramic Cement Power Resistors

Made in our factory in Thailand